One Ummah operates as a 100% donation policy charity.


We take the trusts of people very seriously and guarantee that every last penny of your contribution is spent on the cause/project you have donated towards.

Example: if you give £20 towards our Orphan Appeal, then rest assured that that full £20 will go towards the Orphan Appeal.

One Ummah Charity holds a separate project funds account to ensure no confusion or mixture with administration funds.



How do we cover our expenses?


We have a number of ways to generate extra income that helps the charity operate on a day-to-day basis. One Ummah covers its costs from:


  • Income generated from its own clothing banks
  • Profits received from One Ummah Charity shops
  • Donations specified for administration costs
  • Gift Aid donations – This is a government scheme allowing taxpayers to increase the value of their donation by 25%. This additional amount is paid by the government and allocated to the charity’s administration fund. Ensuring that 100% of your initial donation is used on the cause that you have donated for.

Note: Not all Gift Aid funds are used on administration. Each year unused Gift Aid funds are transferred to the charity’s relief accounts to be used on charitable projects.