Aleppo Emergency Response

There were up to 250,000 civilians – 100,000 of them children – trapped in east Aleppo when it came under siege. 

Tens of thousands of civilians evacuated from besieged Aleppo will still be at huge risk unless we can rush food, shelter and medicine to the areas where they are seeking refuge. The speed of Aleppo’s collapse means there has been little time to prepare for the arrival of huge number of civilians, in areas that are already home to many other refugees, and still under attack from government and Russian planes.


There were up to 250,000 civilians – 100,000 of them children – trapped in east Aleppo when it came under siege. Many of them fled into government-held west Aleppo as airstrikes intensified, but there are still thought to be tens of thousands awaiting evacuation.


It’s Winter and it’s freezing, thousands of people are seeking refuge in surrounding areas and need our help, many have left their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.


We have teams on the ground in Syria, assessing the needs of the people being evacuated from Aleppo and distributing the aid that your donations help to provide. Below is a list of items needed urgently.


£10 is all it costs for us to provide one person with a mattress to sleep on. They left their homes with very little and face a uncertain future as that are seeking shelter in sports complexes, halls and derelict buildings. We aim to provide each person with a mattress so that have something to lie on other than the cold, dirty ground.

Food & Hygiene Packs

£25 is all it costs to provide a family with food and hygiene packs for a month. These are the basic necessities that we would not even think twice about in our daily lives.

Winter Packs

£20 to provide some warm clothing for our brothers and sisters while they face these hard times in the coldest of Winters. These packs include a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and a couple of winter blankets. Just £20 can buy all these items for one person, but can mean the difference of living of freezing to death.


£80 means that at least 3 families can have some warmth for a month, as a barrel of diesel provides them with heating. Winter is a fatal time for so many people in Syria.

If you wish to donate all these things then donate £135 & select ‘Aleppo Emergency Response‘ from the ‘Please select cause’ list.