Burma Appeal


The Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority in Burma have been called “the most oppressed people on Earth”. In the last few years the situation has become much worse. Allied with the military, the “969 Movement” of extremist monks has been spreading anti Muslim violence beyond Rakhine State and throughout Burma. In order to ‘purify’ the nation, these Buddhist supremacists have been committing rape, arson, murder and land confiscation on a massive scale. In 2014 mobs chased out international agencies from Rakhine State and have left 700,000 Burmese Muslims without medical care.

Denied citizenship by national law, the Rohingya are effectively stateless and have limited access to education, adequate health care and the right to freely practice their religion. Their movement is severely restricted. In some cases they cannot travel between villages without paying hefty bribes to police and other authorities. If they want to go to the main city of Yangon – even for emergencies – they can expect to pay up to £2600.

Even those who gain alternative citizenship would continue to be discriminated against. The status falls short of full citizenship and would continue to deny Rohingya the right to own land, to run for office, to form or lead political parties and to enter professional fields like law, medicine and engineering. They will not be allowed to vote in upcoming general elections. And a controversial “action plan” warns they could face eventual deportation or indefinite internment.

Food & Shelter Projects

We have teams on the ground risking their lives to get your donations to our brothers and sisters in Burma. The money you donate is the difference of life and death.. They need food, shelter and clothes.

£210 = Food, Clothing & Shelter for a Family

£110 = Food & Clothing for a Family

£40 = Family Food Pack for ONE MONTH

Don’t let them be the forgotten people…