Dirty water kills 2300 people EVERY SINGLE DAY! Every minute a child dies due to a water borne disease!

These are the harsh realities facing the people around the world. With over a billion people around the globe with little or no access to clean drinking water, our aim is simple – Provide clean and safe drinking water for the world!


The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:
“The best form of charity is giving water (to drink)”

(narrated by Ibn Majah)


According to the UN, about 1.2 billion people – nearly a fifth of the world’s population – live in areas where water is scarce and that figure is set to increase by another 500 million during the next decade. It’s also estimated that more than 2.6 billion people lack basic sanitation.

So far One Ummah has built 88 wells/hand pumps providing safe, clean drinking water to over 1500 households, in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma. We have also built village water systems, in Pakistan and Gaza, producing 5000 liters of water, providing water for up to 5000 people.



With 68 million people without access to suitable sanitation and 16 million not having access to safe, clean water, over 22,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. The people of Pakistan need our help, we have been working in the poorest villages there, to help set up enough wells so that people do not have to travel miles to get clean water. From as little as £200 you can provide a hand-pump for a whole community.



Over 21 million people lack access to a clean drinking source, causing over 4,100 children under five years old die from diarrhoea diseases caused by poor water and sanitation. No child should have to die due to lack of clean water. We have been working on the ground in Bangladesh since 2014, to enable communities to gain access to safe, clean drinking water.



Although there is no shortage of water in Burma, with the multitude of ponds, rivers and lakes, as well as the yearly monsoons. However the problem is accessing water that is safe to drink, it can be contaminated with everything from agricultural runoff to human waste. This causes around 18% of child deaths.



More than 90 percent of the Gaza Strip’s water is undrinkable. The problem of providing potable water remains one of the most essential daily problems experienced by the people of Gaza, with the on-going conflict, this problem worsen every day. With so many schools, mosques and hospitals without a clean, safe water supply, life for our brothers and sisters is becoming increasingly difficult.

Tanzania & Chad

We are about to embark on new #Water4TheWorld projects in Tanzania and Chad.

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa, home to over 52 million people. Due to the hot, dry climate, safe water is scarce. 23 million people in Tanzania do not have access to safe drinking water.

Chad, a land-locked country in Central Africa, is home to an estimated 11 million people. It is one of the poorest places in the world, with the lowest rates of access to water and sanitation in the region, with only 44% of households having access to water and merely 12% having access to acceptable sanitation structures.

£600 will enable us to build a bore-wells to provide safe drinking water and sanitation, in Tanzania and Chad.

Sponsor your very own hand pump for as little as £200 or a larger bore-well for £700, with a plaque dedicated to yourself or a family member (as a form of ongoing charity) and you will receive a full account of your donation including photos.