Discover Islam & One Ummah are proud to bring to a city near you, the ‘Run Back To Allah’ Tour

Sheikh Muiz Bukhary and Qari Youssef Edghouch will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions in an epic UK Tour in an attempt to bring tranquility to the hearts of the believers by reconnecting you to your Lord.

Speakers Bio


Sheikh Muiz Bukhary hails from Sri Lanka. He memorised the Noble Qur’an at the age of 14, and then spent 10 years specialising in fields of classical Arabic, Islamic jurisprudence, & hadeeth (traditions of the Prophet).

He is the Founder and CEO of ‘Sakeenah Institute’, a first of it’s kind in Colombo, which focuses on disseminating knowledge to students, offering schedules of classes feasible for people with different full-time commitments.

He is also a Director of The Daily Reminder Network and the Founder and CEO of Luminaire Institute.

Last but not least he also serves as the Imaam of one of the largest masaajid in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Qari Youssef Edghouch

Qari Youssef Edghouch was born and raised in Morocco, in the capital city of Rabat. Where he studied and completed the memorisation of the Quran at a young age, and graduated from a highly qualified Qur’an Institute. He recites with 2 riwayat (recitation styles) — Warsh ‘an Nafi’ and Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim.

Qari Youssef is currently the Founder and Instructor of Al-Quraa’ Academy, he teaches Quran memorisation, recitation, and tajweed.

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