This Winter join us for a FREE event in a city near you – THE REVIVAL – with Mohamed Hoblos and Sheikh Omar El-Banna (selected cities only). Kicking of in London then on to Bradford, making a stop in Middlesbrough before ending the tour in Newcastle.

Last year we brought Mohamed Hoblos to packed out seminar rooms all across the UK and this year our straight talking Aussie brother is back to give us another reality check. An event not be missed!


See the table below to see where you can catch him.

(Please note: Sheikh Omar El-Banna will only be at the events in Middlesbrough and Newcastle)

Speakers Bio


Mohamed Hoblos known for his straight talking style, hails from Australia. This is just a snippet from one of his talks:

“You know people talk about unity, we talk about unity but what is unity? My brothers and sisters let me tell you something & please lend me your heart, if you think unity is praying in the one masjid, following the one madhab, praying behind the one sheikh, all of us holding hands at the end singing koombaya then you have another thing coming. Unity in the ummah is when I love my brother, regardless what sheikh he follows, regardless what madhab he follows, regardless whether he follows moon sighting or calculations, I couldn’t care less.”

Event Info