Living In Gaza

An account from one of our volunteers working and living in Gaza:

“This sweet lady, is from a household I visited for our home essentials project.

  • There home is not even a home. It is like bits and bobs of rooms pieced together with no structure. Much of it is falling apart, due to poor construction, time, wear and tear, and just not having money to take care of the place. I just wished I had a magic wand to change the place into a beautiful new home.
  • The old lady was so sweet, asked me to sit next to her and happily wanted her photo taken! Her husband is no more. She lives in this place with her son, who is married with children, and all of them, live a life of tragic poverty.
  • She is pretty old, in her 70s at least. She wanted me to look at her toilet. Odd you may think? Not really. There was a hole in the ground, (many homes in Gaza still have such a toilet as their homes are so old and they do not have money to refurbish. Water leaking everywhere, no light, completely dark, so you have to leave the door slightly open or take a light with you. The ground was uneven as well.

Here is the main point though, she cannot use this hole in the ground, It is really difficult for her so the son made a toilet. he got a bucket and over it put a plastic chair which had a cut out just like a real toilet. So she uses that, which to be honest, is pretty flimsy but it is all they could afford.

It’s not OK. In shaa Allah, we will be sorting this out and putting a real toilet in, among a few other home essentials that they are in need of.

Bear in mind, children also live in this place too.

Poverty in Gaza is due to the siege. A lack of jobs and opportunities for people to earn a living results in high rates of poverty here, and the cost of living is high.

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