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Assalamu alaykum valued donors,

One Ummah Charity would like to officially announce 3 partnerships we have with various masajid/Islamic organisations for 2021/2022. We pray that Allah swt brings barakah to the charity with these partnerships and allows us to help more people; therefore, saving more lives.

Green Lane Masjid

Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre, is a very popular masjid in Birmingham. Established in the 1970s, it has been a registered charity in England since 2008. The Masjid occupies a prominent corner site in Green Lane, Small Heath, Birmingham. Through their Task Force arm, they have raised many millions for humanitarian causes in the past and One Ummah are excited to announce this partnership.


Islam21c was set up to provide a digital representation for the Muslim community in Britain to express, share and educate the UK and International community of their rich and diverse culture as British Muslims through various forms of art including film, poetry, literature, and digital design. One Ummah are delighted to be working with such an amazing Islamic organisation, backed by very well respected scholars.


Established in 2013, 5Pillars is the largest regulated Muslim news site in Europe, Australia and the Americas. They are independent, grassroots and non-sectarian. Recently, Dilly Hussain, one of 5Pillar’s chief editors flew out to the the Syria border with the One Ummah team to oversee distributions. One Ummah are pleased to announce this partnership and carry out many life-saving projects with 5Pillar’s this year.

Alhamdulilah, as we expand, we always look to working with other like-minded organisations to further achieve our goal of uniting against poverty.

Please continue to support our life-saving projects.

Jazakum Allah Khayran

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