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One Ummah Website Update


Assalamu alaykum valued donors,

As part of One Ummah’s commitment to invest in and improve our donor’s web experience, we would like to update you all on a brand new update which has been launched just in time for Ramadan 2021.


Many of our loyal donors come back to the One Ummah website to support our projects. Previously, all users had to enter their personal and payment details each time they wanted to donate, which sometimes became a repetitive and long-winded process. So we decided to implement something more efficient moving forward. Now you can create a profile for yourself and store your personal and payment information so that you just need to login to restore that information for future donations and save time.


We’ve tagged certain appeals with the ability to donate with 1 click. This means you just need to click on one button and then confirm your purchase and you’ll instantly donate to that appeal. This again saves time for you by allowing you to quickly donate to one of our popular appeals on the website.


Do you donate your Zakat every year with One Ummah? Or do you donate to certain appeals quite often? Your profile area not only allows you to keep track of all previous donations you’ve made to One Ummah, but also allows you to quickly repeat previous donations by just clicking repeat in your profile area and editing your preferred donation amount (if you wish to change it) – helping you repeat regular donations simply and efficiently.

Thank you for supporting One Ummah and may Allah swt accept your donations from you and allow it to weigh heavily on your scales, ameen.

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