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Food Packs

Millions across 19 calamity-stricken countries are hungry worldwide and have no idea where their next meal will come from.

£40 £120 £240

Yusuf Chambers met a Syrian widow, by the name of Syria

You can provide food to families in over 19 calamity-stricken countries, including Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Gaza.

Feed The Needy Worldwide

Around the world, millions will go hungry without access to adequate nutritious meals. 

Have you ever had to worry about if your next meal will come?
What would you do if you had to watch your children starve?
When was the last time you went days without food? 

For millions across the globe, these aren’t just questions; they’re a harsh reality.

The suffering is real, whilst the rewards for feeding are multiplied. 

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was once asked: “Which aspect of Islam is best?” He said, “Feeding people and greeting those you know and those you don’t know.”

Remember the anticipation of what to have for Suhoor. That first bite of the Iftar platter.

Now, imagine that joy replaced by emptiness, your senses starved. Families gather not around a feast but a single loaf of bread. Provide a Food Pack across more than 19 calamity-stricken countries, including Syria, Gaza, Yemen, Bangladesh, Sudan and Afghanistan, which can feed a family of 5 up to twice a day for up to one month.

If you’d like to donate towards this appeal, choose from our most popular donation amounts for this campaign or scroll to the bottom of the page and choose a custom amount.


1 Food Pack

Can feed 1 family for up to 1 month

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3 Food Packs

Can feed 3 families for up to 1 month

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10 Food Packs

Can feed 10 families for up to 1 month

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The one thing that every single human being needs to survive is food! For us at home, it is something we take for granted, whilst many needy people deem it to be a luxury!

These desperate people rely on your donations so that they and their families can be fed. Help us feed as many people as possible and save lives now by donating today.

Allah (swt) in the Qur’an “Whoever saves one life, it is as if he has saved the whole of mankind.” [5:32]

Where We Deliver Food Packs

Bring smiles to their faces

‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (r.A.) said, “A man asked the Prophet (ﷺ), “Which aspect of Islam is best?” He said, “feeding people and greeting those you know and those you do not know.” [Sahih Bukhari]

Be the best Muslim you can be and carry out one of the best acts in our beautiful religion, by feeding the needy, the orphans, the widows and the oppressed for ONLY £40 per food pack.

Jazakum Allah Khayr for visiting this appeals page. Many millions worldwide need our help. We can’t help them without your support. Please donate below and save lives today.

1 What happens after I donate food packs?

One Ummah will locate families in urgent need of emergency food aid ensure your donation reaches them.

2 How long does one food pack last?

On average, one food pack will provide enough sustenance for a family of 5 twice a day for up to one month.

3 What’s in the food packs?

Our food packs contain the essential nutrition for a healthy, balanced diet with items such as: - Flour – Rice – Sugar – Pasta – Tinned goods – Salt and spices – Lentils – Bread - Oil – Beans and Peas – Tea and Coffee

4 Can I choose where the food packs will be sent?

As much as we would like for donors to be able to select specific locations, the situation is urgent, and all funds go to those in the most critical life-or-death situations.

5 I have more questions…

Please don’t hesitate to email us at info@oneummah.org.uk or call us on 0300 111 3111.

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