The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Whoever builds a Masjid for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” [Bukhari]

£6,500 – Build a full Masjid in Uganda or Syria with your choice of name.
£7,000 – Build a full Masjid in Tanzania or Sierra Leone with your choice of name.

One Ummah have built dozens of masajid thanks to your donations. Every community needs a masjid where the local Muslims can worship Allah swt and send their children to correctly learn how to practice this beautiful religion: Islam.

From £6500, you can build a Masjid in your choice of name and be rewarded for the thousands of people who will pray salah, remember Allah swt and recite/memorise the holy Qur’an. The minimum capacity for our masajid is 100 worshippers.

If you’d like to donate towards this appeal to earn amazing rewards from Allah s.w.t., choose from our most popular donation amounts for this campaign or scroll to the bottom of the page and choose a custom amount.


Support a Masjid Build

Help us build a Masjid in Africa and give hundreds of people a place to worship Allah swt safely.

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Build one full Masjid in Uganda or Syria

Build a Masjid in Uganda or Syria in yours or a family member’s name and be rewarded for every salah and act of worship.

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Build one full Masjid in Tanzania or Sierra Leone

Build a Masjid in Tanzania or Sierra Leone in yours or a family member’s name and be rewarded for every salah and act of worship.

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Sheikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy travelled with the One Ummah team to Uganda where we have built many masajid, giving the community a safe place to pray salah, recite Qur’an and worship Allah swt.

Jazakum Allah Khayr for visiting this appeals page. Many millions worldwide need our help. We can’t help them without your support. Please donate below and save lives today.

Masjid FAQs

1 How do you determine the location of a Masjid?

Extensive planning is required before a Masjid is built. Our team on the ground determine the location by working with community groups and local elders. The planning phase of construction is the most important as it ensures long term durability.

2 How long does it take to build a Masjid?

This will vary depending on location, size and weather conditions. We carefully plan each project to ensure the highest standards of construction are achieved. We would rather take our time to make sure that everything is just right, than rush through the process. We aim to deliver projects within 12 months from the time of donation, however it is more important to us that we deliver long lasting projects rather than hasten the process.

3 Will I receive a completion report upon completion?

We produce a completion report for every Masjid donated. The report includes the exact location of the Masjid, a description of the building process and photographs of the Masjid. You can specify the plaque name when you donate (Note: Plaque will appear exactly as stated, so please review your spelling carefully etc.)

4 Where do One Ummah build Masajid?

We are building Masajid across Africa.

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Bangladesh is suffering right now as heavy monsoon rains have caused rivers to burst their banks. 2 million people in the North East of Bangladesh have been cut off and are relying on help to survive.

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