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Assalamu alaykum valued donors,

As part of One Ummah’s commitment to invest in and improve our donor’s web experience, we would like to update you on another brand new update launched just in time for Ramadan 2021.


One Ummah has now made it so simple to catch Laylatul Qadr. You can spread your donation over the last 10 nights to give you the best chance of getting the reward of donating on the night, equivalent to having performed the same act for over 83 years.

Choose the campaign you would like to give to from the drop-down list, enter the amount you want to donate and then choose whether you want to distribute the amount equally over the 10 nights or pay specific amounts on specific days. Your donations will then be automatically charged on those dates – meaning you can pledge your donation now and then pay it on those blessed nights.

The current active campaigns for which you can spread your donations in the last 10 nights are listed below.

Yemen Emergency Appeal
Syria Emergency Appeal
Food Packs
Orphan Fund
Sadaqah Jariyah – Support all Projects
Sadaqah Jariyah – Masjid
Sadaqah Jariyah – Water Fund
Education Appeal
Eid Gifts

Click here and automate your donations for the last 10 nights of Ramadan this year Insha’Allah.

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