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One Ummah provides food to the needy in Afghanistan


The people of Afghanistan are currently facing one of the biggest crises to affect the country in recent times. It is estimated that 9 million people are living on the brink of famine, a figure that will rise unless help is provided.

This is a huge 55% of all Afghans that are expected to battle hunger in 2022. Many of these families have already endured decades of hardship and conflict, having to sell property and even loved ones into arranged marriages just to survive.

Conflict and economic disruption have exacerbated the poverty facing the Afghan people. This combined with a harsh winter, further food shortages, and an increase in food prices has created a perfect storm for one of the worst humanitarian crises in generations.

How did Afghanistan find itself in this situation?

Following the conflict with the Taliban in 2021, international aid to the country was suspended and the citizens are paying the price. Confusion over reports coming from the Taliban and contradicting actions on the ground led to international communities restricting the humanitarian efforts for Afghan civilians. The suspension left a crippling 40% deficit in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and means that essential supplies such as food and medicine are running out.

Due to the restrictions, it has been difficult to get aid back into the region. However, in a bid to ease the growing crisis, the United Nations Security Council changed its stance to allow humanitarian aid into the country in December 2021.

These changes finally allowed for the transfer of funds and the provision of goods and services needed to facilitate emergency relief. Around 160 organisations, both national and international, are currently working to help the people of Afghanistan. This includes delivering food, water, education, santisation, and the tools needed to support local agriculture.

How are we helping the people of Afghanistan?

One Ummah Charity is dedicated to providing relief to those suffering from hunger in Afghanistan. Our volunteers are currently in the country handing out food parcels containing rice, flour, sugar, lentils, cooking oil, tea, beans, salt, tomato sauce, chickpeas and sanitation products. Each pack contains enough food to provide 2 meals a day to a family of up to five people for up to one month.

Your donations will go directly to providing food parcels and winter aid to the growing list of suffering families, as we work hard to prevent this crisis from claiming lives. We intend to supply tens of thousands of food parcels to help hundreds of thousands of people over the next 6 – 12 months.

For a donation of £100, you can help provide an Emergency Relief Pack to those suffering in Afghanistan. This includes life-saving food, warmth and various urgent aid equipment provided by One Ummah Charity.


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