Gaza Appeal

Help those suffering from the Blockade

The recent conflicts in Palestine and the Gaza strip has left carnage and destruction. The population is almost at 2 million people and is growing by the day with almost half of the population living below the poverty line. Families in Gaza are struggling to cope with the ongoing blockade, weakened infrastructure and terrible living conditions.

Our Projects

Family Food Packs

With over 2 million people blockaded in Gaza and no regular source of income for many families, people have been left with nothing but hope and reliance on others to help provide Food for themselves and their Families. One Ummah is working hard on the ground providing Food Packs to families that last upto 1 month and are absolutely essential.

Food Packs

Food Packs are purchased locally and distributed to families in need. Areas include: Gaza city, Khan younis, Nuseirat, Maghazi & more.

Rebuild Lives
In areas of conflict and war, bombs are raining down on innocent people families and their homes. Their roofs, water supplies, and electricity become damaged and are in need of urgent fixes. One Ummah are helping families across the world rebuild their homes. As little as £100 can make a huge difference to these families.
Medical Aid
With the constant bombardment and never ending war, innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire. Many have been killed or injured & in desperate need of urgent medical assistance. Provide medical support to those in need for as little as £50 - it can make a huge difference to a person's life.
Family Support
Due to poverty, conflict and various other factors, people are out of work and unable to provide for their families. This is making home life very difficult and sometimes causing breakdowns. Provide family support for as little as £100 for a month.

Iftar / Meals

This Ramadan One Ummah will be providing Meals to the fasting people for their Iftar alhamdulillah. Every day for 30 days thousands of people will benefit in the most impoverished areas of Gaza. Provide Iftar meals for those fasting in the blessed month and gain special rewards insha’Allah.

Iftar Meal (30 Days)

Children are provided for on a monthly basis with a minimum commitment of 12 month’s required.

Donate to Gaza Appeal

£ 200 £ 150 £ 100 £ 50 £ 25 Other

Fresh Water Supplies!

So many people are living across Gaza in without any proper Water and sanitation facilities. There are massive water & sewage system problems and people are in need of clean water. For £10,000 we can build a Water Desalination plant producing 5,000+ litres of water per day.



A Child's Future

Thousands of children across Gaza are suffering due to high levels of poverty, families are out of work and unable to provide for their loved ones. Many have disappeared or went missing  which has left children without their carers and loved ones. One Ummah is working hard on the ground providing a loving home, care, education, food and healthcare for Orphans. Support an Orphan for a year for as little as £360 or:

Monthly Orphan Sponsor

Children are provided for on a monthly basis with a minimum commitment of 12 month’s required.

1,000,000 in need of Food Aid
80% of the people rely on international Assistance
1,000,000 have No immediate access to clean drinking water

Our team helping those in need in Gaza

One Ummah strives to work to the best of its ability in every area or place of work. We do our best to deliver your amanah effectively, efficiently and quickly as possible to ensure lives are saved. We work with our own teams on the ground, as well as with partners, to enhance our work further. 100% of your donations reach the intended project you donated for. Watch some of our work from our Projects in Gaza insha’Allah.