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Give vulnerable children the love and hope of a better future

It is estimated that over 153 million children worldwide are orphans. Millions are facing major issues, including hunger, poverty, access to education and medical care. Sponsor an orphan today and provide hope and care for only £30 a month. Your Sponsorship will provide the orphans with shelter, food, clothes, education and healthcare.


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£30 a month could save a childs' life

£60 a month could save 2 children's lives
£90 a month could save 3 children's lives

Story of Shabekun Nahar

My name is Shabekun Nahar. I was born in Myanmar. I hail from a very loving family. My mother would spend most of her days looking after the house, cooking me all my favorite meals. My father was a very hard working man. 

One night, my father woke us all up, he was panicking and told us all to quickly get up. I could see from my window that some houses next to ours were on fire. We started to run. It was a cold night, I couldn't find my sweater. There was no time. 

We ran towards the river, I kept looking back, I could see our village in flames, my heart was beating so fast! As we approached the river, we saw a boat, one of the village men got the boat ready and we got on. But the army came and were firing at us. We ducked down, the bullets nearly hit me. Then we heard a scream, my father had been shot, he died after three hours. I was numb. 

We made it to Bangladesh. At the beginning, life was very difficult. My mother is not the same. She doesn't talk much and looks lost. I spent my days doing what I've never done before. I carried a jug on my head and looked for water. I often walked for miles and sometimes I came home without any water and I could see my mothers sadness but she still comforted me. 

Life is different these days. I started going to the school and made friends. I love studying, therefore when I got new books and stationary from One Ummah I was extremely happy. We are getting money every month with which my mother can now buy food and necessities. We are also getting free medicine and health check-ups once a month. My mother and I are extremely grateful. 

estimated that 153 million children worldwide are orphans
263 million children and youth are out of school
1 in 4 of the world's children live in conflict or disaster zones

OUR TEAM HELPING THOSE IN NEED in Ukhia (Myanmar Border)

One Ummah strives to work to the best of its ability in every area or place of work. We do our best to deliver your amanah effectively, efficiently and quickly as possible to ensure lives are saved. We work with our own teams on the ground as well as with partners to enhance our work further. 100% of your donations reach the intended project you donated for.Watch our team helping children on the Myanmar border in Ukhia.