My Sadaqah Jaariya

Leave an ongoing charity for you or a person of your choice

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).” [Hadith, Sahih Muslim]

Our Projects

Build a Masjid or Orphanage

The Prophet Muhammed Salallahu‘alyhi wasallam said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” Build a masjid or Orphanage in a rural area for the poor and needy people.  Gain the rewards of each individual that is cared for and learns from the Orphanage or masjid. Invest in the long term for your Akhira.

Masjid or Orphanage
Water Pump
Over 2 billion people have no regular source of clean, sanitised drinking water, causing a child to die every minute and others to carry water borne diseases. It is essential that we Do everything we can to help those in Need and provide safe drinking water. One Ummah is working hard on the ground building Hand Pumps across the world that provide clean drinking water for upto  30 Families for as little as £200.
Borehole Water Well
Millions of people across east africa do not have immediate access to clean water. The UN says that they have not seen anything like it before. It has been the driest period in over a decade with very little rainfall and drought, the people of East Africa need our help. provide water to thousands of  people for 25+ years for as little as £1200
Deep Water Pump
Water shortages and unclean water are one of the major killers across the world. Every day hundreds of people die who could have been saved. One Ummah is Building Deep Water Pumps for as little As £1,500. Have a Name of your choice on the Well as a sadaqa jaariyah.

Sponsor a Student or Haafidh

Sponsor a School, Student or Haafidh for as little as £20 per month. Gain the rewards of teaching a child Qur’an and secular education. For every good that they do with the knowledge they learn with your help, you will receive a share in the reward insha’Allah. A true sadaqah Jaariyah for years to come.

Student / Haafidh Sponsor

Fresh Water Supplies!

So many people are living across Gaza in without any proper Water and sanitation facilities, There are massive water &  sewage system problems and people are in need of clean water For £10,000 we can build a Water Desalination plant producing 5,000+ Litres of water per day.

Build a Home

Over 65 Million people or more are classed as displaced by the UNHCR, with more than 20 million classed as refugees. This mass displacements has caused people to sleep rough, on the streets, homeless or in shelters that are not fit for purpose.  These desperate families urgently need our help. One Ummah is providing purpose built homes across the world for poror, desperate and homeless families. £2,000 can cover a homes for a family for at least three generations! Subhan’Allah


The school is equipped with a playground, school bus, horses a football area and more. Located in Atmeh village in Northern Syria.

1,000,000 in need of Food Aid
80% of the people rely on international Assistance
1,000,000 have No immediate access to clean drinking water

One Ummah Sadaqa Jaariyah Projects

One Ummah strives to work to the best of its ability in every area or place of work. We do our best to deliver your amanah effectively, efficiently and quickly as possible to ensure lives are saved. We work with our own teams on the ground as well as with partners to enhance our work further. 100% of your donations reach the intended project you donated for. Watch some of our work from our Projects insha’Allah