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The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:  “Whoever gives iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest.” [Hadith – Al Tirmidhi]


Iftar Packs

With over 20 million people displaced in the middle east region alone and others in Asia and Africa dying from starvation and famine, people have been left with nothing but hope and reliance on the ummah to help provide Food for their Families this Ramadan. One Ummah is working hard on the ground providing Iftar Packs to families that last the entire month of Ramadan and allow our brothers and sisters to have iftar and suhoor insha’Allah  

Iftar Pack

Iftar Packs are delivered in some of the most needed places in the world, including Syria, Yemen, Burma, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Uganda & more

Provide water to the fasting people this ramadan for their iftar and suhoor. Share in the blessings and received the reward of a fasting person in this blessed month.
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Provide Dates/Kujoor to the fasting people for iftar and suhoor in this blessed month of Ramadan. Share in the blessing and receive the rewards of the blessed month of Ramadan. £15 will provide around 150 people with dates/kujoor to enjoy.
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Iftar Meals
Receive the reward of a fasting person in this special month by providing a meal for Iftar. Chicken & rice per person for as little as £3 daily
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Kaffarah is the compensation required when a fast is missed or broken intentionally. A person is required To fast 60 days or if unable, then feed 60 people. £3 per person per day.
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Zakat is an islamic obligation that must be performed once a year. It is an act in which one pays 2.5% of their wealth/annual savings to those in need. You can calculate your Zakat and donate below.
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When a person is unable to fast due to a medical condition, old age, pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is a religious obligation to feed a poor person for each missed fast during the month of Ramadan. The present rate is £3.00 for each missed day (this should provide one person with one meal).

Fidya -
£3 per person, per day

Iftar Packs

One Ummah strives to work to the best of its ability in every area or place of work. We do our best to deliver your amanah effectively, efficiently and quickly as possible to ensure lives are saved. We work with our own teams on the ground as well as with partners to enhance our work further. 100% of your donations reach the intended project you donated for.  Watch some of our work from our Projects  Syria insha’Allah