Syria Appeal


The UN estimates that over 6 million people have been internally displaced and over 13 million are in need in Syria! With no end to the conflict i sight the people are in need of lifesaving aid and relief. One Ummah has been supporting those affected since the start of the conflict with emergency humanitarian aid. With many of the team from the UK having spent time in Syria and seeing the situation first hand, One Ummah has identified the key needs of the Syrian people and aim to do everything in its ability to help those in need. Insha’Allah

Syria Projects

Feed Families

With over 13 million people displaced and no regular source of income, people have been left with nothing but hope and reliance on others to help provide Food for themselves and their Families. One Ummah is working hard on the ground providing Food Packs to families that last upto 1 month and are absolutely essential. You can help provide a food pack for as little as £30 - Donate now to our Syria Emergency Appeal.

SY Emergency Appeal

Food Packs are purchased in Turkey & Syria & delivered in Northern Syria, Idlib, rural Lattakiya, rural Aleppo, rural Hama, Dara & more.

With the ongoing conflict, so many families are left without access to safe drinking water. Provide clean drinking water to the people of Syria.
Provide Dates/Kujoor to the fasting people for iftar and suhoor in this blessed month of Ramadan. Share in the blessing and receive the rewards multiplied 10 fold insha’Allah
Receive the reward of a a fasting person in this special month by providing a meal for Iftar.

Bake Bread

With no regular source of income, buying regular Food has become difficult for the syrian people, even the basics such as Bread. Hope and reliance is now on us to help provide Food for them and their Families. One Ummah is working hard on the ground purchasing Flour and then having bread baked in local factories to provide Bread Packs to families every month. Flour is purchased locally and baked in factories across Syria before being distributed in all the regions which we work. Idlib, Hama, Dara etc.

Syria Emergency Appeal

Donate to Syria Appeal

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Rebuilding the Community

Through our very own camp we have made purpose built homes in northern Syria for families that fled from besieged areas for as little as £2,000. Camp. We are also providing tent/shelter homes for as little as  £900. All homes include proper water & sanitation facilities.



A Child's Future

Over 2 million children are internally displaced in Syria and missing out on school education taking away their future. One Ummah has one of the most unique school projects in Syria, Abna ash-Sham, (the children of Syria) school is providing education to children who have relocated to northern Syria with secular and Islamic education, giving them what they deserve. Support a student for a year for as little as £300 or one month £25.

Syria Emergency Appeal

The school is equipped with a playground, school bus, horses a football area and more. Located in Atmeh village in Northern Syria.

7 Years + of Conflict
500,000 + Dead
13,000,000 Displaced

Our team helping those in need in Syria

One Ummah strives to work to the best of its ability in every area or place of work. We do our best to deliver your amanah effectively, efficiently and quickly as possible to ensure lives are saved. We work with our own teams on the ground as well as with partners to enhance our work further. 100% of your donations reach the intended project you donated for. Watch some of our work from our Projects  Syria insha’Allah

Disclaimer; It has come to our attention that some donors may have been under the impression that One Ummah built and controls or has exclusive rights to its own refugee camp within Syria. We understand how some donors may have come to this conclusion after marketing videos were released mentioning ‘The One Ummah camp’ in a project that was carried out in 2017 in which One Ummah built homes for Syrians internally displaced.
One Ummah’s involvement in the project was to build homes in a section of the camp. The entire camp itself is not exclusive to any one charity but has the involvement of many charities who have helped to build different sections of the camp. We hope this helps in clarifying the issue. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.