Water & Sanitation

Water & Sanitation Projects

According to the UN, about 1.2 billion people, nearly a fifth of the world’s population live in areas where water is scarce and that figure is set to increase by another 500 million during the next decade. It’s also estimated that more than 2.4 billion people lack basic sanitised water. One Ummah is working hard across the world to help provide clean drinking water through the drops of Mercy Campaign.


Water Pumps

Over 2 billion people have no regular source of clean, sanitised drinking water, causing a child to die every minute and others to carry water borne diseases. It is absolutely essential that we do all that we can to help those in need and help provide safe drinking water. One Ummah is working hard on the ground building Hand Pumps across the world that provide clean drinking water to upto 30 families.

Water Pump

Water Pumps can be built in a country of your choice as a sadaqah jariyah for you or a family member with a written Plaque.

Clean Water resources are a massive need in Bangladesh as Water has either been inaccessible or contaminated due to the floods across the country. Provide clean drinking water to families today through a Water Pumps for as little as £200.
With no proper infrastructure for running water across many parts of the country poor families living in poverty are desperately in need. Most living in really dry areas. Provide clean drinking water today through a Water Pump for £200.
Ongoing conflict & ethnic cleansing combined with poverty has left many without access to clean Drinking water. Provide a family with clean water through a water pumps for £200

Deep Borehole Wells

Over 5 million people in the region do not have immediate access to clean drinking water. The UN says that they have not seen anything like it before. It has been the driest period in over a decade with very little rainfall and drought, the people of East Africa need our help. Show unity and share in building a Deep Borehole Well and help provide water to thousands of our brothers and sisters for 25 years + in East Africa  for as little as £120 or build your very own:

Village Bore Well

Village Water Systems

One Ummah is working hard on the ground to provide long term water solutions and sustainabl projects in which thousands of villagers and town folk can benefit from daily. Sponsor a Solar Powered Water System for £7,000 or a Water Desalination System for £10,000 providing up to 10 thousand litres of water per day for those in need. Syria,  Gaza, East Africa, Pakistan & more!



2.4 Billion people without access to clean Water
A Child dies every minute due to waterborne diseases
1.4 Billion people live Where water is scarce

Our team visiting Water Projects

One Ummah strives to work to the best of its ability in every area or place of work. We do our best to deliver your amanah effectively, efficiently and quickly as possible to ensure lives are saved. We work with our own teams on the ground as well as with partners to enhance our work further. 100% of your donations reach the intended project you donated for.  Watch some of our work from our Water Projects  insha’Allah.