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Here at One Ummah, we’ve recognised the massive need in North-Western Syria and our aid trucks have been supporting thousands of families since Tuesday 7th February, just 24 hours after the earthquake struck, claiming thousands of lives and displaced tens of thousands of others.

We are delivering daily thanks to your donations. Our immediate response is in the form of tents, housing, food packs, clean drinking water, hot meals, hygiene kits and blankets.

To date, our teams on the ground have delivered aid to Idlib, Latakia, Sarmada, Janderis, Afreen and Salqeen.

Men, women and children here are starving due to food-insecurities which were already apparent before the disaster hit. At the same time, so many of them are cold, facing sub-zero temperatures, with no access to heating supplies, blankets or a roof over their head.

At least 3553 people have died in Syria, with many more feared missing under rubble, difficult to retrieve, as heavy lifting equipment is very difficult to access in the affected areas of Syria.

As part of our immediate response, we’ve managed to secure diggers which have been assisting in the recovery efforts, to remove survivors but also to remove the deceased. Sadly, hundreds are being found daily and the death toll is expected to rise drastically.

The people who are calling out for your help from Syria have survived a 12-year war, many life-threatening winters over the years and countless disease outbreaks. This earthquake disaster is sadly another challenge, but one of the worst they have ever come across.

Our UK team is currently on the ground at the border of Syria waiting for clearance to enter. They’re delivering aid to Turkish, Syrians and Uyghers in Antakya which was one of the worst-hit zones in the Hatay province, but are still overseeing the delivery of aid into Syria.

We must act now so we can continue to support the people of Syria before it is too late. They’re going through distress and suffering on a level which is truly unimaginable.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said:
“Whoever relieves a believer of some worldly distress, Allah will relieve him of some of the distress of the Day of Resurrection.”

We urge you to relieve their distress by helping us to provide food, water, shelter, medication and hygiene kits to the people of Syria today.

Donate now and save lives today.


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