More than 124 million children worldwide are out of school due to poverty, war and suffering around the world. We are striving to provide them with food, medicine, water and most importantly, education.

These beloved children are the future, without an education, they will have a bleak future ahead of them.

For just £100, you can provide 10 children with a school pack which will contain the essentials to help them study at school, such as a back-pack, much-needed stationery and notebooks to help them excel.

  • £100 – Can provide 10 children with a School Pack
  • £1000 – Can provide 100 children with a School Pack
  • £3000 – Can build a classroom in your name

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Education Appeal

Provide 10 children with books, stationery, a pencil case, calculator and school bag.

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Education Appeal

Provide 25 children with books, stationery, a pencil case, calculator and school bag.

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Build a Classroom

Build a classroom in your name and educate 30 children

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Children who grow up in poverty-stricken countries are always restricted from an adequate education to help them progress in life. Our school packs give these children something which helps them excel in their studies.

With your donations, we can help to educate children across 15 calamity-stricken countries including Syria, Gaza, Yemen and Bangladesh to provide these desperate kids with items so simple yet so effective towards helping them both academically and Islamically.

The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said:
“The best gift a father can provide for their child is an education.”

What about the millions of children who have lost their father? They need your assistance today otherwise they will have a bleak future ahead.

If you support our education projects, you’ll be rewarded by Allah swt for every single letter that the child learns and every beneficial knowledge they go on to implement, act upon and teach in the future.

Donate towards our Education Appeal and change these children’s lives forever.

Jazakum Allah Khayr for visiting this appeals page. Many millions worldwide need our help. We can’t help them without your support. Please donate below and save lives today.

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