It was narrated that ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar said: “The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) stayed in Madinah for ten years, offering sacrifice (every year on Eid).”

Offering Qurbani is a special deed in the eyes of Allah swt. It reminds us of the devotion and obedience of our beloved prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) when Allah swt commanded him to sacrifice his only son Ismail (A.S.)

With One Ummah you can fulfil your Qurbani duty from only £25 per cow share.

One Ummah will fulfil your Qurbani in any of the following 15 countries.

Group A – Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Group B – Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Mauritania, Sierra Leone

Group C – Lebanon, Burma

Group D – India

Group E – Gaza

The animal will vary between small animal, large animal and large animal share depending on the quota for each country. Rest assured, your Qurbani sacrifice will take place between 10th-13th Dhul Hijjah.

Please choose your quantity from each group below and fulfil your obligation for the sake of Allah swt.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Qurbani is an obligation for all capable Muslims and ensures that the many millions of poor Muslims around the world are fed on Eid al Adha.

One Ummah are providing Qurbani meat across 15 calamity-stricken countries. Your donations will save lives. Remember,  the rewards for feeding our destitute brothers and sisters & obeying Allah swt is huge! We can’t afford to miss out on the amazing rewards.

You can offer your Qurbani with One Ummah in 15 calamity-stricken countries where many people don’t eat meat, except on these blessed days of Dhul Hijjah.

Please donate your Qurbani so that we can provide meat to feed the poor on the celebratory days of Eid!

Jazakum Allah Khayr for visiting this appeals page. Many millions worldwide need our help. We can’t help them without your support. Please donate below and save lives today.


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