Automate your donations in the last 10 nights

Laylatul Qadr comes around once a year, on one of the odd nights in the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

Allah swt says in Suratul Qadr: “Laylatul Qadr is better than 1000 months.” [Qadr – Verse 3]

One Ummah have now made it so simple for you to catch Laylatul Qadr. You can spread your donation over the last 10 nights to give you the best chance of getting the reward of donating on the night that is equivalent to having performed the same act for over 83 years.

Simply choose the campaign you would like to give to from the drop-down list, enter the amount you want to donate and then choose whether you want to distribute the amount equally over the 10 nights or pay specific amounts on specific days. Your donations will then be automatically charged on those dates – meaning you can pledge your donation now and then pay it on those blessed nights.

That is truly amazing! Donate now and earn immense rewards from Allah swt.

Finding Laylatul Qadr

May 01 - May 10
Duration: 10 days

£25 £100 £200 £400
Amount for #1 day
Amount for #2 day
Amount for #3 day
Amount for #4 day
Amount for #5 day
Amount for #6 day
Amount for #7 day
Amount for #8 day
Amount for #9 day
Amount for #10 day
£ 0

One Ummah Charity are supported by various speakers and public figures including our Ambassadors Yusuf Chambers, Yusha Evans and Sh Abdur Rahim McCarthy.

We strive to help as many beneficiaries in 15 crisis-hit countries around the world by providing them with food, water, shelter, winter items and zakat. In this special month of Ramadan, you have an opportunity to join on this vital journey to save as many lives as possible.

Spread your Sadaqah and Zakah on our portal above and guarantee yourself immense rewards on the most special nights of the year – Laylatul Qadr.