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One Ummah’s projects have changed millions of lives and brought relief, ease and contentment to many around the world. Our projects include food distributions, building water wells, providing medicine and shelter, educating and sponsoring children and orphans and many many more.

Over a 12 month period, more than 6 million people benefited from our different projects worldwide. Below, you can find a breakdown of how many beneficiaries there were for each project, thanks to our amazing generous donors.


Food Distribution

Every month without fail, thousands of food packs are delivered to the needy people around the world.

Our food packs contain rice, flour, sugar, lentils, cooking oil, tea, beans, salt, tomato sauce, chickpeas and sanitation products. These contents vary from country to country
but all in all, they will provide 2 meals a day to a family of up to five people for an entire month.

These food packs are distributed in every single one of the following 15 countries: Bangladesh, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Palestine, Burma, Mauritania, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Turkey.

Orphan Sponsorship

Our orphans are dear to our hearts. Sadly, many millions of orphans are suffering worldwide, due to war, natural disasters and poverty.

These children are our future and thanks to our amazing donors, One Ummah have been able to look after nearly 5000 orphans across various countries that have been hit by various disasters. Our orphan programmes provide food, water, shelter, medicine and education to these innocent children.

May Allah swt reward all of our amazing donors and grant them closeness to the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in Jannah. Ameen.

Water Projects

Due to the global water crisis, One Ummah have been running clean water and sanitation projects for more than half a decade.

We’ve been able to build thousands of hand pumps and bore-hole wells to provide clean drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and various countries across Africa.

Millions die worldwide due to preventable water-borne diseases. Alhamdulilah, our work has saved thousands of lives.

Winter Aid Distribution

The freezing and bone-chilling temperatures in the winter bring dozens of countries to a standstill every single year.

In some countries such as Syria, Yemen and Bangladesh where our brothers and sisters are living in tents, life can literally become unbearable.

Thanks to our donors, One Ummah have been able to provide thousands of winter packs every year. These packs include a hat, gloves, scarf, blanket and coat for one person and have made life a bit more bearable for the destitute people.

Masjid Build

Many communities across villages in Africa have no access to an adequate Masjid facility near their homes.

Thanks to our donors and our partners on the ground, One Ummah have built many masajid for these people allowing the donors to benefit from huge rewards for every single person who prays, recites Qur’an, remembers Allah swt and worships Allah at these places of worship.


The children are the future. At One Ummah, we love to invest in the youth so they can bring a better future to their country and their people.

One Ummah currently run a school for Syrian people where not only are they going through their academic studies, but they also learn Islamic studies, Qur’an and Tajweed.

Thanks to our amazing donors, these institutions will change these children’s lives forever.


Here at One Ummah, we regularly bring high profile speakers and public figures to stages around the UK.

In the past, we have invited Mohamed Hoblos, Yusha Evans, Abdur Rahim McCarthy, Belal Assad, Mufti Ismail Menk, Yusuf Chambers, Sh Zahir Mahmood and many others.

These events bring people closer to the deen and allow us to showcase our projects giving our donors the chance to partake in our projects through their time, efforts and money.

Over 6,000,000 People

Throughout a 12 month period, more than 6 million needy people benefited from your generous donations for all of our projects. May Allah swt reward you all for your generosity. Ameen.

Project Beneficiaries
Food 650,316
Bread 4,700,000
Orphans 3550
Winter 1750
Water 173,155
Medical 11820
Aqeeqah 2400
Iftar 391,600
Education 5390
Fitrana 21,345
Eid Gifts 8508
Qurbani 55,672
Shelter 34,980
TOTAL 6,060,486


Where We Work

Yusuf Chambers delivering much needed emergency relief
to thousands of Syrian people living in make-shift camps
at the Lebanon border.

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