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One Ummah’s projects have changed millions of lives and brought relief, ease and contentment to many around the world. Our projects include food distributions, building water wells, providing medicine and shelter, educating and sponsoring children and orphans and many many more.

Over a 12 month period, more than 6 million people benefited from our different projects worldwide. Below, you can find a breakdown of how many beneficiaries there were for each project, thanks to our amazing generous donors

Yusuf Chambers delivering much needed emergency relief to thousands of Syrian people living in make-shift camps at the Lebanon border.

Over 6,000,000 People

Throughout a 12 month period, more than 6 million needy people benefited from your generous donations for all of our projects. May Allah swt reward you all for your generosity. Ameen.

Project Beneficiaries
Food 650,316
Bread 4,700,000
Orphans 3550
Winter 1750
Water 173,155
Medical 11820
Aqeeqah 2400
Iftar 391,600
Education 5390
Fitrana 21,345
Eid Gifts 8508
Qurbani 55,672
Shelter 34,980
TOTAL 6,060,486


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